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Applying for the Licensure Examination for Teachers Print E-mail

Step-by-step Procedure in Applying for the Licensure Examination for Teachers

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Secure Action Sheet from the PRC Customer Service Center (CSC) and accomplish the same.

STEP 2. Submit the Action Sheet for processing and evaluation at any of the Processing Windows together with the following:

  • Original and photo/xerox copies of Transcript of Records. The TOR must contain the following:
    • Special Order - except if you are a graduate of a government school/institution/program accredited by recognized accredited agencies under the FAAP.
    • Date of Graduation
    • Scanned Pictures
    Note: If you are a graduate of a new school or degree program, you must submit School Recognition and/or Permit to Operate.
  • Original and photo/xerox copy of NSO-issued Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper; if NSO copy is not very clear, bring a copy from the Local Civil Registrar)
  • Original and photo/xerox copies of Marriage Contract in NSO security paper (for married female only; if NSO copy is not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar).
  • Four (4) passport-size colored pictures in white background with complete name tag.
  • Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
  • Other specific requirements as required by the Commission and/or Professional Regulatory Board.

    NOTE: Secure the following from the processor upon approval of your application:
  • Computerized Application Form (CAF)
  • Permanent Examination and Registration Record card (PERRC) (for first-timers)
  • Notice of Admission (NOA)

STEP 3. Pay examination fee at any of the Cashier Windows. Get Official Receipt.

  • Baccalaureate Degree - PHP 900.00
  • Non-Baccalaureate Degree - PHP 600.00
  • Removal - PHP 450.00

STEP 4. Pay for metered documentary stamps and mailing envelope with metered documentary stamps at the CSC.

Accomplish the Computerized Application Form, Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card, and Notice of Admission. Indicate the Official Receipt number, date, and amount on the Computerized Application Form.

Proceed to any of the Issuance Windows (Window 9, 10, 11, 12) for final review of qualifications and documents and issuance of Notice of Admission, Applicant's Stub, Program of Examination, Examinee's Guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

Keep the Notice of Admission, Official Receipt, and the Applicant's Stub. Bring these with you on the first day of the examination. For further information, read the General Instructions at the back page of the Notice of Admission, Program of Examination, Examinee's guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

Bring your Notice of Admission when you verify with the PRC your school and building assignment which will be posted at the PRC premises two (2) to three (3) working days before the examination date.


Some tips

  • Come to the PRC office very early. There will be hundreds of applicants, and you would like to be processed in the morning, when people are not yet stressed out.
  • Bring glue. You will realize how useful it would be.
  • Bring enough cash, and some more. The definite to be doled out at the PRC office are the following: Exam Fee - PHP 900; Passport Picture (4pcs) - PHP 70; Metered Stamped Envelope (2pcs) - PHP 34; Notarization - PHP 40.

Disclaimer: This is "translated" from the official PRC page. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Check the PRC page for more info.

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